PEDRO P ROCHA – Stadtman Tenure Track Investigator

Picture of Pedro Rocha lab head at NIHMy graduate studies at the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics focused on gene regulation and the role of transcriptional co-regulators during mouse development (Rocha et al. 2010). I devoted my postdoctoral training at NYU to explore the multiple ways in which nuclear organization and chromosomal interactions are important for regulation of cellular processes in development and disease.

In the Skok lab I studied the process of Class Switch Recombination in B cells and showed that DNA interactions are important to orchestrate this recombinatorial event and avoid translocations that can lead to lymphomas (Rocha et al.  2012 and 2016). I also developed techniques that were lacking in the field such as a CRISPR/dCas9-based system for live visualization of multiple loci in different colors (Fu et al. 2016) and contributed to the development of a computational pipeline for analyses of DNA interactions (Raviram et al. 2016 and github)Find full CV here .

I am very grateful for my sources of funding so far:

  • K99/R00 from NIGMS
  • Scholar Award from ASH
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship from NCC
  • Marie Curie ESR



Sarah Frail Postbac NIH NICHD

I will be graduating in May 2018 with a Bachelor in Cell Biology and Genetics from University of Maryland, College Park. Following my postbac experience I plan to apply to a biology or biochemistry PhD program.  My primary research interests lie in the investigation of nucleic acids, their complex roles and interactions in cells, and how we can manipulate those factors to treat illness. More specifically, I am interested in topics like protein-nucleic acid interactions, regulation of DNA replication and expression, and the rapidly evolving study of non-coding RNA and RNAi.




Previous Mentees

Can be contacted for references.

Ramya Raviram, PhD

Role: PhD supervisor

Current: Postdoc at UCSD    Contact

Yi Fu, MSc

Role: Master’s Thesis Supervisor

Current: PhD student at NYU   Contact

Vincent Luo, MSc

Role: Master’s Thesis Supervisor

Current: PhD student at Mcgill University  Contact

JungHyun Kim, MSc

Role: Master’s Thesis Supervisor

Current: PhD student at University of Maryland  Contact

Arafat Aljoufi, MD

Role: Master’s Thesis Supervisor

Current: PhD at Indiana University  Contact

Emily Swanzey, MSc

Role: PhD rotation Supervisor

Current: PhD at NYU  Contact